a javascript slideshow for photographer and artist websites

License bcSlideshow for your PhotoShelter-hosted images now

A one-year license for bcSlideshow is only $100 (US currency).

Please enter the information below. You will be directed to a PayPal web page when you click the "License" button.

First name
Last name
Email You will receive your bcSlideshow ID in a confirmation email.
PhotoShelter subdomain Enter only the text string immediately before ".photoshelter.com". Don’t prefix it with "http://" or any string containing periods. The complete URL to my PhotoShelter home page is "http://bryancox.photoshelter.com", but the subdomain is only "bryancox".
Other domain Please do not include subdomains unless you want to restrict your bcSlideshow license to that subdomain. My domain name is "bryancox.com". www.bryancox.com and bcSlideshow.bryancox.com are subdomains of bryancox.com.
Maximum size Enter the maximum length in pixels you want the longest side of your largest image to be. I suggest 600 pixels as a good compromize value. Smaller images will load more quickly. Larger images will look better and be more inviting to those who misappropriate. You may choose any value between 100 and 1000.