a javascript slideshow for photographer and artist websites


bcSlideshow is:

  • written in javascript, so it runs on nearly everything, including iPhones and iPads.
  • easily installed.
  • highly configurable.
  • optimized to be as fast as possible.
  • designed to automatically detect configurations and switch to either single or multiple-slideshow mode.
  • built to present images about as securely as any web program can.*

bcSlideshow can run on nearly any website. Currently, it displays only photos hosted by PhotoShelter, but I'll soon expand to other systems.

*Note: no image on the web is totally secure. That's the nature of the web. bcSlideshow just makes acquisition difficult.

Google Chrome17.0.942.0 devCompatible
Firefox5.6 — 7.1Compatible
Internet Explorer9Compatible *
Internet Explorer9 in V8 compatibility modeCompatible *
Internet Explorer9 in V7 compatibility modeCompatible *
Opera9.64 — 11.5.2Compatible *
Safari (mac)4.1.3 — 5.1.2Compatible

* You might experience issues in pages ( like this one ) that do dynamic style manipulations that change the z-index or display properties of the slideshow.

** Javascript must be enabled on the viewer’s browser.

Before you purchase a bcSlideshow license, you should:

  • enable rss feeds for your galleries.
  • switch to manual customization if you intend to install bcSlideshow on your PhotoShelter website. (OK, this MAY not be necessary, but it could make installation more difficult if you don’t. I haven’t tried it.)
  • identify a Photoshelter-hosted webpage for bcSlideshow if you intend to install it there. Either of the custom pages, the portfolio page, your home page, or the about page will work. I do not recommend that you attempt to use the gallery-slideshow page. Depending on your requirements, you may need only part of a page. If you have a non-Photoshelter website, nearly any page will do.
  • decide which galleries you want to use. They don't have to be listed, but they must be public.

When you purchase a bcSlideshow license, I will:

  • enable bcSlideshow to serve photos from your PhotoShelter domain (mine is bryancox.photoshelter.com).
  • authorize your Photoshelter domain and one other domain of your choice to be served javascripts from the bryancox.com server.
  • send you the unique user ID you need to embed in your javascript calls.
  • provide email support to help you get things up and running.

This text will be supplanted by a more legal document in the future, but the intent of the license agreement will remain essentially this:

  • bcSlideshow is copyrighted software, and all rights are reserved by the owner, Bryan Cox.
  • Users purchase a license to use the software. They are not purchasing the code or the copyright.
  • The software code is to remain unchanged. Any alteration, including modification or removal of embedded copyright notices is a violation of both the agreement and copyright law.
  • bcSlideshow is licensed to specific domain names. It will not operate on unlicensed domains, and it is a violation of the license and copyright law to alter this feature.
  • Users must reference and load the software using bryancox.com as the script server.
  • Neither Bryan Cox nor Bryan Cox, LLC is in any way liable for losses or perceived losses incurred when the software server is not available.
  • Neither Bryan Cox nor Bryan Cox, LLC is in any way liable for losses or perceived losses incurred when the software does not perform to your expectations.
  • Users wishing to forfeit their license within 30 days of purchase may do so by registering a dispute with PayPal. When PayPal returns your money, I will cancel your license.

The simplest way to speed up downloads is to reduce the number of bits that are being transferred to your viewer’s screen. To do that, you must do one of the following:

  • Reduce the size of your images by reducing the size of the slideshow <div>.
  • Reduce the number of images you are downloading.

Of course, that’s not what you wanted to hear. Instead, you may want to try a few things to improve the perception of download speed. These suggestions are for multi–slideshows:

  • Preload each slideshow <div> with an image, using the <img> tag. This will give your viewers something to look at while the slideshow is loading.
  • Make the first slideshow or two in your configuration file small ones. Make the <div> small. You can load fifteen or sixteen 150x150 pixel images in the same amount of time it takes to load one 500x500 pixel image. Viewers can watch the small slideshows while the larger ones are loading.
  • Make the first slideshow or two short. If the slideshows have to load fewer images, they'll finish loading and start running more quickly.

Please direct all questions to support@bryancox.com

Please include your license or order number if you have one.

You can expect the fastest responses between 8am and 5pm, Monday—Friday, Pacific standard time.


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